What is TokenAI?

TokenAI is the first decentralized, democratized, permissionless investment platform.

TokenAI is driven by the community and powered by AI. Bringing Wall Street level tools to the crypto community and to the masses.

TokenAI is developing an AI platform that will allow anyone who wants to take part in the token market to take advantage of sophisticated AI algorithms. These algorithms are designed to identify and provide insight to market and individual cryptocurrency performance and to create index baskets optimized to achieve the best gains over time.

These tools interact with smart contracts that are set up as decentralized and democratic organizations that exist solely on the blockchain and direct the future of how these AIs learn, grow and interact with the token market and the community. Think of it as Wall Street tools that are essentially directed and run by the crypto community.

TokenAI is also building a token-based index platform driven by AI. The index token we are launching is the Total market Token – TMT – a shifting, curated index of active tokens in the market based on AI enabled analysis of global token performance. TMT can be bought or sold as a single basket, rather than having to buy individual tokens and manage them separately.

Why AI?

The tools that are available to token and cryptocurrency traders are still in their infancy. There are some smart predictive tools out there, but there is still an opportunity for tools that are capable of adapting their behavior and learning from both the behavior of the people using them and from the performance of the market.

AI is the perfect tool for this market due to the complexity and overwhelming amount of data that is available to the user. AI, by design, is able to handle larger amounts of data and use it to create predictions and learning opportunities for itself. Over time, AI is expected to become better at trading than any human alone can.

With TokenAI’s artificial intelligence driven index products, the human token investor can benefit from in depth analysis and predictive capabilities to get a strong advantage over the market.

AI also removes the emotional component from trading, which is the downfall of most want-to-be traders in any asset market. AI does not feel fear, does not get greedy, does not have an ego, and does not think it knows better than what the data is showing. Automating trades within the index products via AI can help traders overcome these human flaws and achieve success.

What is TAI and why use tokens for this?

TAI is TokenAI’s first token, and will be generated at the token generation event. TAI is the token we use in conjunction with the TokenAI platform and it can be used by its owner to pay for AI services on the TokenAI platform.

For Example: A user wants to get his portfolio optimized. He would use TAI to pay the usage fee, and then benefit from the advanced AI tools TokenAI offers, at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.

The TAI token is the exclusive way to pay for services on the TokenAI platform.

How do the index products (TMT) relate to TokenAI and TAI?

TAI buyers will be purchasing TAI as a way to pre-purchase TokenAI platform fees at a deep discount for further development of the AI tools. They will not be entitled to a share in the index but will be entitled to a share of the fees collected and elimination of transaction fees for index transactions as described above.

The index products will be issued as TMT and sold directly to consumers or licensed to 3rd parties, not via crowdsale.

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