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Virtual Asset Concierge

Individual Coin Analysis

Have an individual coin you're thinking about investing in? Have it analyzed by our AI, as part of our AI driven toolkit

Token Basket Generation

Set your own parameters and our AI will generate a highly optimized Token basket in seconds

Rebalancing of Current Portfolio

Have a basket of tokens you want to hold onto, but wouldn’t mind having recommendations on how to optimize and rebalance it? Use this AI function to get the most out of your current holdings.

Company Roadmap

Q1 for February

Development Begins

Q3 for August

v1.1 Algorithm

Q2 for June

Alpha of Algorithm

Q4 for September

API Created, allowing for
3rd Party Access

Link to 4 major exchanges,
making actual trading via Al

Q1 2018

SEC registration completed

Q3 2018

Anticipate Product launch
(includes): Rebalancing
Algorithm, Portfolio Tracker,
Token Basket Generator.

Q2 2018

Launch Platform

Q4 2018

Anticipate Product Launch (Includes): Rebalancing Algorithm, Portfolio Tracker, Token Basket Generator

Q1 2019

Complete partnerships and integrations

Q3 2019

Launch Mobile platform on IOS and Android

Q2 2019

Launch Juliet V2

Q4 2019

TokenAI launching additional financially regulated products




Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To empower people and provide freedom from financial, emotional, institutional, and intellectual limitation so they can achieve their full potential as human beings.

Our Vision

Empowering Human Creativity Through Artificial Intelligence

Meet The Team

Sam Czertok

Co-CEO, Operations
& Development

Lawrence Lanoff

Co-CEO, Strategy and
Business Development

Ilana Fraines

VP Engineering,
Lead Blockchain Developer

Joshua Joseph, Ph.D

VP R&D, AI Specialist

Eric Miller

Creative Director

Bert Bogomolny

Marketing Director

Denver Nunley

Social Media Manager


Artificial Intelligence


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