Abundance vs. Scarcity in A Blockchain Future

A clash of two ideas will ultimately define our future. One will set you free. The other will keep your power, mind and creativity enslaved.

One idea is that of scarcity. Scarcity holds that there is not enough of any resource in this world. There’s not enough money. There’s not enough food. There’s not enough work. There’s not enough land, housing, water — whatever. The general feeling is that there isn’t enough and you have to fight for what is to be yours. The key word is fight.

Most of us have grown up with this idea — and left unchecked — this idea will keep its choke hold for millennia.

A sense of broader purpose, meaning and community is missing.


There is this other idea: Abundance.

Abundance represents a viewpoint of the world where there is more than enough. Abundance represents a functional understanding of technology, myth and science.

In this idea, there is enough land. Enough food. Enough knowledge. Enough technology. Enough money to for everybody to thrive. Crypto is evidence of this idea, as we are witnessing the birth of a currency before our eyes. Value created from “nothing.”

These two ideas, scarcity vs. abundance, have been in conflict for millennia. For thousands of years, the belief in scarcity has won out. Infinity is not of this earth. It’s the domain of heaven.

This earth is about toil, lack, suffering.

When it comes to love, one is enough — for eternity. For money, no number is ever enough. Yet too much is a sin. And not enough ensures toil and struggle.

Abundance is an idea that fits hand-in-hand with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

The blockchain’s powerful tech creates the chance for us to decide what we want to do with our finances. We literally get to vote with our money at the speed of light.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and 1000’s of others, have given us a way to share value across borders, beliefs and communities. If we drop borders with our monies, we drop can drop borders in our minds.

As we move towards a crypto future, the idea of few people control all the resources is finally out of date.

The centralized authority and centralized government controlling our money and our minds is the way most of the population of planet Earth currently lives.

Safety in Data

Blockchain offers us a decentralized model of money, trust and value. It’s the idea that computers can work together, around the world, creating safety, value and repetitional trust.

Together, in this new tech community, we keep one another safe.

No one agency or government can control it. No one can shut it down. And the crypto-cat is already out of the bag.

Cryptocurrency is putting the power in the hands of the people. Of course, with power comes responsibility. We will all have to learn how to protect our own money. How to make decisions about what we do with it and how we choose to share it. And how we spend it.

These are all lessons we will learn as we begin to feel the frictionless environment of a decentralized currency that is borderless and permissionless.

The Invitation

My invitation is that you too catch the crypto bug. Let it capture your imagination. Discover ways in which you can enter the crypto space. Because those of us that are in early, will reap the rewards of this abundant world.

At TokenAI, (Symbol TAI) our team mission is to create an easy to use interface that makes climbing into the infinite sphere of value, seamless and easy. Because, for all of our cultural differences, transacting freely around the world reminds us that, ultimately, we are sharing an abundant planet. And we can fill this planet with the core idea of abundance. Crypto currency is our future and our TAI community hopes that that bug bites you too.

We are now able to transact money, freely, at the speed of light. And that, my friends, is an abundant future. An empowered future.

Infinity and Beyond

As the global population reaches 8 billion and beyond, our thinking must shift. Will paper backed by faith be the thing we believe in? I wonder.

I also wonder how our thinking will change as our beliefs shift regarding money, value and abundance? And what do you think the world will look like moving forward in a post scarcity world?

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