The Price of Your Identity and AI

According to CNBC, Twitter will now label political ads and include information about who purchased them and how much they pay for your attention.

Because, your attention is valuable. So is your identity. Right now, services like Twitter make a ton of money on your attention and your identity. This offer is a tiny step towards acknowledging the seamlessness of how your identity makes Twitter money.

So the labeling of political ads will be helpful in helping you and me determine what it is we are looking at — and how much is being spent to get our attention. Because attention is valuable.

And this is where innovations like the blockchain become key to changing the way your identity information trades for dollars.

The blockchain, combined with Artificial Intelligence, will issue and protect a permanent blockchain identity of us. A tech-forward facing identity. Which means our identities will be much more secure.

Right now, with so many big companies, WE are the product that others sell so we can be better influenced to buy. But once we control our identity, we will have more say in how we are marketed to. We will also have more say in what we see in our feed and browser. We will have more power over how others attempt to influence our emotions.

AI will be changing every area of our lives. Including how we tweet and how we browse. And more importantly, how our brains are nudged and manipulated to moral, political and commercial ends.

Eventually, AI will influence the ways we think about thinking about our identity. And that will be helpful, because our emotional identity is influenced deeply by what we see, feel and believe about the world.

That’s why political ads and made up news stories are so powerful. They intentionally trigger our emotional responses. And our own brains are awful at determining what is real from what is not. AI will be helpful in seeing the “tells” that give away made up stories used to nudge our emotional identity.

The blockchain will collect a non-tamperable ledger of reality.

There are so many issues and ideas that we need to examine and think critically about when it comes to AI and personal identity.

But no matter what we think, A tidal wave is coming — and that tidal wave is AI. And it will be involved in every area of our lives. So the sooner we as a community think about AI — the better it will be for everybody.

This is one of the reasons we feel very strongly about the community component of the TAI token. We realize that we will need all of us thinking deeply about the future of our emotional and physical identities.

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