The World Series of Blockchain and AI

It’s a beautiful world, when during the first game of the World Series, IBM has a mainstream commercial on FOX mentioning the blockchain and another commercial about Artificial Intelligence.

The blockchain. What the hell is the blockchain? That’s what America will be asking tonight.

If you didn’t know that blockchain and AI was going mainstream — you do now.

Blockchain is the biggest innovation for society since the Internet itself. And just as the Internet has disrupted most every area of life, so will blockchain.

And artificial intelligence will allow us to find patterns in big data, including crypto trading data, at the speed of light.

Yet so many people still have no idea what cryptocurrency is, much less what the underpinning technology of the blockchain is.

But it all starts with the planting of a seed. And the big news of Game 1 of the world series is: blockchain and AI

The seed of an idea for changing the way the world invests and thinks about money and investing. TokenAI wants to revolutionize the way the world invests in crypto currencies and how it thinks about AI and the blockchain.

These two massively disruptive technologies go hand in hand. To really transform investing, we need both.

And we want you to have an easy way to get involved. We want the experience to be safe, easy and fun. So you can take advantage of being ahead of the next wave of technology.

With every day that goes by, the world will become more and more familiar with the tidal wave of change on the horizon. @TokenAI we want to help you be prepared and part of that incredible technological revolution of change.

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